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    An extensive range of fish in Newcastle

    At All About Fish! Amphibians & Reptiles, we have a vast range of sustainably collected fish available for our customers throughout Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you’re looking for a goldfish or want a range of Australian native fish for a commercial aquarium display, you’ll find everything you need here at All About Fish! Amphibians & Reptiles. 

    Exceptional range of fish

    We have a vast variety of quality, sustainably collected fish to either start a new aquarium or to add to your existing habitat. Available in all kinds of species, colours and sizes, we’re sure to have the fish you want to make your new or existing aquarium complete, including:

    • Marine fish and corals (salt water fish)
    • Freshwater fish
    • Australian native fish
    • African cichlids
    • American cichlids
    • Discus
    • Goldfish
    • Cold water fish
    • Exotic fish
    • Tropical fish

    As fish enthusiasts ourselves, we ensure that we only stock the best aquarium products and accessories, including:

    • Aquariums
    • Lights, filters, and pumps
    • Aquascaping supplies
    • Vivariums, terrariums and enclosures
    • Highest quality live fish and corals

    For expert advice and service, speak to our knowledgeable team in Newcastle. We have all the information you need to create a fantastic and comfortable display for your fish. We also stock live and frozen foods such as rats and crickets for your reptilian or amphibian pets, so get in touch with our team to find out more.

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    Custom-made aquariums

    Our experienced team are passionate about creating aquariums that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. As the only aquarium builder in the region, we can take your exact measurements and specifications to create a habitat exactly how you want it. If you need some advice and guidance along the way, we’ll be more than happy to help. We also offer free water testing in-store for your convenience.

    Please note: while we supply a range of reptile tanks and terrariums, we do not build these ourselves and, therefore, cannot customise them to your specifications.

    To find out more about our expansive range of sustainably collected fish,
    call our friendly team today on  02 4954 5477 .

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